Customer Success Portal

            WSN Report

            Generate a WSN report to send to your fulfillment center and ship orders that have not yet been fulfilled.   This report includes customer and address details, shipping preference data and line item order details. 

            • Select Reports from the left side menu
            • Select the WSN Report option
            • Enter the criteria for the date range you wish to include in the generated report
            • Select Payment Status: Authorized and Settled
              Important: Select a payment status that DOES NOT include Declined orders so you do not include orders that were not successfully authorized to your fulfillment house for shipping.
            • Select Fulfillment Status:  Not started
            • Click the Export Orders button and your report will be generated
            You will then need to update the status of the orders you included in this report so that you don't select them again. You can update each order manually or you can batch update the orders using this process outlined in this KB article here»
            Updated: 06 Oct 2018 01:28 AM
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