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            Website Template Tags

            Blog Short Codes
            • [blogAuthors]List of available blog authors in <li> format
            • [blogCategories]List of available blog Categories in <li> format
            • [recentBlogPosts limit=5]List of available blog Categories in <li> format
            • [blogSearchForm title='Blog Search' placeholder="what you'r looking for"]List of recent blog posts in <li> format with limit parameter
            • [blog_posts]Render blog posts in any page or Template

            Widgets Short Codes
            • [gallery_code galid=23]Render a gallery in any page or template, galid is the parameter to add a particular gallery
            • [content_block slug=footer-copyright]Render any content block in page or Template, slug is the parameter
            • [navigation slug=header]Add Database Driven Navigation in Template, Slug will be the parameter to that Navigation Group
            • [pages_navigation]Return complete List of Pages in
            • format, those pages which will be allowed to show in the navigation.
            • [form slug=contact-us]Include any Dynamic From build through our Form Builder
            • [upcomingEvents limit='2']Show list of upcoming events with limit of that events
            • [events] This short code will list all the upcoming events. Expired events will not be shown in it.
            • [events expire=1] This short code will list all the events including expired and upcoming events both.
            • [events limit=5]  This short code will apply paging limit on events. Limit means it will show maximum five events per page.

            System Short Codes
            • [siteURL]Return Site URL
            • [theme_url]Return active theme URL
            • [copyrights]Return Copyright Text from System
            • [credits]Return Text and link to the Simply CMS Website
            • [loginForm]Render Login Form on Template
            • [login_check]Check either user is login or not. If user is login then “logout” and “profile” link will be returned and
            • [includeFile]Include any Template File in Layout File
            • [meta_tags]Return Dynamic Meta tags for every page
            • [site_title]Return Dynamic Site Tile
            • [page_title]Return Current Page’s Title
            • [notifications]Show Error, Success and Warning Messages there
            • [breadcrumbs]Return BreadCrumbs for every page
            • [DisplayRelatedPages]Show Child Pages of Current Page
            • [SiteLogo]Return Site Logo (Image or Text) based on logo type defined in Admin panel
            • [SiteTagLine]Return website’s Tag line
            • [homePageSlider]Build a nivo silder on home page. All Js and Css will be include dynamically
            • [innerPageBanner]Return single image for inner page separately for every page.
            • [pathHomePageSlider] - This will return the first image url for banners associated with the homepage.
            • [pathInnerPageBanner] - This will return the image URL for a banner image that is associated with that page.
            • [socialmedia]Return the list of social media that will be entered by panel
            • [layoutEditor]Return the Frontend layout editor only for super admin.
            • [font-awesome]By adding this in header, users can use the font awesome icons on their website without using bootstrap css rather than adding manually.
            • [pages_navigation]Show pages Navigation on the Website
            • [cart_link]Show cart link with number of items in the cart
            • [cart_modal_window]Cart Modal Window to show after item added in Cart
            • [user_links]User Profile Links
            • [mail_chimp_form]Mail chimp Form rendering
            • [notifications]Display site with notifications
            • [breadcrumbs]Display Breadcrumbs
            • [DisplayRelatedPages]Display Sub Pages on any Page
            • [SiteLogo]Show site logo, short code will automatically return the text or image based logo
            • [SiteTagLine]Return site tag line from Database
            • [featured_products]Return Featured Products Items
            • [website_messages]Return website messages
            • [trade] This tag will output the trade layout which is automatically added to the /trade page.
            • [trade brand="Brand Name"] Adding the brand element to the trade tag will pull only wines that have that Brand associated with them.
            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 01:13 PM
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