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            Shipping Rate Setup (Step 4)

            Once you have your Shipping Zones and Shipping Types enabled for the Shipping Strategy, you can begin to add the shipping rates.

            • Select Fulfillment from the left menu
            • Select the Shipping Methods option
            • Select the Strategy option
            • Click on the Shipping Type to add rates under the Rates column.

            • Once the page loads, enable Weight Based Rates for each Zone you have included in this Shipping Strategy. 
              Note: If you are adding Unit Based Rates, you will need to select each bottle size you want to enable shipping rates for and add your rates. Unit based rates come with limitations and weight based rates should be used as a best practice.  Bundles and non wine items should not be used in unit based rates. 

              Min (Units) - This is the minimum bottle count or lbs for this particular rate.
              Max (Units) - This is the maximum bottle count or lbs for this particular rate.
              Rate - This is the rate that will be charged for orders that include this min-max bottle or lbs count and are shipping to this zone.
            • Click the + sign to the right under the Rate row to add a new row for this zone.
            • Click Update Rates when you have finished entering your shipping rates.


            Updated: 27 Dec 2018 08:31 AM
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