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            Shipper Configuration

            Shipper Configuration Set Up 

            There are two options for self-fulfillers with regard to offering shipping rates. 

            1. You can display a shipping table within truvi to offer your visitors
            2. You can use our integration option with the carriers to pull in your negotiated carrier shipping rates.  Keep in mind that using
                the API to pull the negotiated carrier shipping rates could cause delays to your consumer, depending on network traffic.
            3. You can have both set up and if #2 is slow, you can switch to #1. 

            Note:  Most customers use option 1 above.  

            Option 1: 
            Follow instructions here to set up shipping rates:

            Option 2: 
            Enter your account credentials by obtaining this information from your carriers for UPS, Fedex, GSO and enter insurance if applicable. 

            Once the above steps are finished, enable your shipping options for both the website store and the POS store based on the rates you would like to use. For example, if using the truvi shipping strategies and rates, select that radio button.  If using the Fedex API to call your account rates, select that radio button.  

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