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            Configure ShipCompliant States

            The truvi integration provides ship to states for ShipCompliant compliance and fulfillment settings. This gives you the most flexibility  when creating your setup.
            • Select Compliance from the left menu
            • Select the ShipCompliant States option
            • Select the Shipping and Compliance option per state

            Fulfillment Only Option
            This does not check compliance. It simply allows the order to be received and calculates the correct tax rates from ShipCompliant.

            Standard Compliance Check
            This does a compliance check on the order and calculates tax from ShipCompliant.

            Compliance Check with Address Validation
            This does an address validation on the order's address as well as doing a compliance check and calculating sales tax.

            The Fulfillment Location drop down is populated based on the fulfillers you have set up in your Ship Compliant account. If additional fulfillment locations need to be added to your account, please reach out to Ship Compliant for assistance with setting these up.

            Updated: 15 Feb 2019 05:24 AM
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