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            SendGrid Email Delivery Service and Integration Setup

            truvi commerce is integrated with SendGrid , an email marketing tool which sends transactional emails from truvi and displays delivery statistics and analytics on the customer record within truvi.  Sendgrid ensures the highest delivery rates. Emails are designed within truvi, and sent out via SendGrid.

            Set up a SendGrid account and follow instructions included below.

            Step 1: SendGrid Account Setup
            • Create a SendGrid Account
            • Choose Sign Up in the top right
            • Select the Free Account option
            • Select the blue Try for Free button
            • Enter your Account Information.
            • Click Create Account

            • On the next screen enter the additional account details of the required fields.
              Please make sure to select Using Our API under the “How do you plan to send email?” question.
            • Select Get Started
            • Next, you will be redirected to the SendGrid app page to begin the set up of your API key. 
            • You will receive an email to verify your email account. Please verify your account before proceeding to the API setup below.

            Step 2: SendGrid API Key Setup
            • Once logged into your account on the left side menu click the Settings drop down
            • Select API Keys
            • Click the blue Create API Key button in the top right

            • Enter truvi in the API Key Name field
            • Select Full Access
            • Click Create & View

            • Copy the API key by clicking on the field to automatically save it to your clipboard.
               After you click Done, you will not be able to see this key again.

            • In the truvi platform and on the left side menu click on Marketing
            • Select SendGrid API Key
            • Paste in your copied API key to the API Key field
            • Click Save

            Step 3: SendGrid Mail Settings Setup
            • Once logged into your SendGrid account, on the left side menu click the Settings drop down 
            • Select Mail Settings
            • Click on the Event Notifications drop down
            • Click on Edit in the upper right corner.

            • Enter the winery URL in the HTTP Post URL field, for example :
              Ensure you have included "" plus your domain name as listed in the backend of the truvi/simplycms platform. 
              This url needs to be exact in order to test your integration. 

            • Click the All checkbox in the Select Actions area and click on the blue checkmark
            • Click the Test Your Integration button

            • Once you've tested the integration, go into the truvi platform and on the left side menu click Marketing 
            • Select SendGrid Mail Stats
            • You should see a test email in the log. and this confirms truvi and SendGrid are integrated. 

            Step 4: Set SendGrid as your Default Email Sender in truvi 
            • In truvi, on the left side menu choose Settings
            • Scroll over Portal Settings
            • Select the General Settings option
            • On the General tab scroll down to the Default Email Sender drop down and select SendGrid
            • Click Save

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 11:53 PM
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