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            SendGrid Email Delivery Service and Integration Setup

            truvi commerce is integrated with SendGrid , is an email marketing tool which sends transactional emails and displays delivery statistics and analytics on the customer record within truvi. 

            Set up a SendGrid account and follow instructions included below.

            Step 1: SendGrid Account Setup
            • Create a SendGrid Account
            • Choose Sign Up in the top right
            • Select the Free Account option
            • Select the blue Try for Free button
            • Enter your Account Information.
            • Click Create Account

            • On the next screen enter the additional account details of the required fields.
              Please make sure to select Using Our API under the “How do you plan to send email?” question.
            • Select Get Started
            • Next, you will be redirected to the SendGrid app page to begin the set up of your API key. 
            • You will receive an email to verify your email account. Please verify your account before proceeding to the API setup below.

            Step 2: SendGrid API Key Setup
            • Once logged into your account on the left side menu click the Settings drop down
            • Select API Keys
            • Click the blue Create API Key button in the top right

            • Enter truvi in the API Key Name field
            • Select Full Access
            • Click Create & View

            • Copy the API key by clicking on the field to automatically save it to your clipboard.
               After you click Done, you will not be able to see this key again.

            • In the truvi platform and on the left side menu click on Marketing
            • Select SendGrid API Key
            • Paste in your copied API key to the API Key field
            • Click Save

            Step 3: SendGrid Mail Settings Setup
            • Once logged into your SendGrid account, on the left side menu click the Settings drop down 
            • Select Mail Settings
            • Click on the Event Notifications drop down
            • Click on Edit in the upper right corner.

            • Click the All checkbox in the Select Actions area and click on the blue checkmark
            • Click the Test Your Integration button

            • Once you've tested the integration, go into the truvi platform and on the left side menu click Marketing 
            • Select SendGrid Mail Stats
            • You should see a test email in the log. and this confirms truvi and SendGrid are integrated. 

            Step 4: Set SendGrid as your Default Email Sender in truvi 
            • In truvi, on the left side menu choose Settings
            • Scroll over Portal Settings
            • Select the General Settings option
            • On the General tab scroll down to the Default Email Sender drop down and select SendGrid
            • Click Save

            Updated: 07 Feb 2019 02:09 PM
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