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            Product Categories

            Product categories are used as subsections for your website store and are an alternate way of categorizing, sorting and organizing products in the POS.  

            Examples of product categories are Red Wines, White Wines, Library Wines, Club Member Exclusive Wines,  etc.
            To add a product category follow the steps below: 

            • Select Products from the left side menu
            • Select the Product Categories option
            • Click on the Add Category button in the right side of the page
            • Populate the following fields as needed. Fields marked with * are required.

            Type*: You can create categories for your website or POS. Select the appropriate selection in this drop down menu.
            Name*: This is the name of the category. If this is a website category, this will show up as a page under your store. If this is a POS category, it will show up under the Category drop down menu.
            Slug*: This is automatically created. This is a user friendly URL that is used on your website.
            Category Content: This is HTML content that shows up on your website above the products.
            Meta Description: This allows you to control the text that is shown under the category name on search engine results.
            Parent: This allows you to specify where this category shows up on your website. Either a top level page in your store or a secondary category/page under another category.
            Status: Whether this category is enabled or not.
            Re-arrange and Sort Products: This allows you to drag and drop the products in the order you want them to show up on your website for this category.
            • Click the Create button to create the product category. 

            After the product category is set up, navigate to the product sku and select the new category you'd like to the product to appear in. 

            truvi also has the option to secure product categories by selecting the "secure product" option and then selecting the group or club the skus will be available to. 

            Updated: 15 Aug 2019 08:39 AM
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