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            POS User Set up

            Setting up a POS tasting room User requires the following steps

            Navigate to Settings\User Settings\Admin Users
            Select the green Add New User button
            Complete the email address, password and choose a customer type of "Pos User"
            Ensure the status is Active
            Complete the remaining appropriate fields and select the green Create button
            The username is created by the system but it can be edited once created. 

            Once the account is created you may review the user settings to add a pin and create default account settings, such as the sales location and the grid or list display for products. 

            Locate the user by finding them in Customers\Manage
            Choose the View button as shown below 

            Navigate to the tab labeled "Pin Code" and set a pin code.  In the below example, the pin is 4500.  The pin code will unlock your screen if you have a lock setting enabled for security purposes. Always set a pin for the account but it is not mandatory that it is enabled. 

            Select the "create new" button and choose the POS setting

            In the POS Setting screen, you may choose your default sales location for your POS.  Here you can also select your default product listing style to either a Grid view or or List view.  This setting can also be toggled once you are logged into the POS. 

            Updated: 09 Aug 2019 03:59 AM
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