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            Inventory is managed based on the level of inventory tools you have enabled.
            • Each POS user is assigned a Sales Location. This sales location is set when the user logs into truvi.
            • As orders are received, the orders will deplete the inventory pool assigned to the sales location that is set in the POS.
            • If the product is a Future product, the inventory will be depleted from a different inventory pool called Futures.
            • If the order includes a shipment and the product is not a Futures, it will deplete the inventory from the inventory pool setup as the shipment inventory pool (normally a warehouse or fulfillment center).
            You can view the inventory by clicking on the Show Inventory link on the product. This will show you all the inventory pools and the associated inventory for that product. If it is a future product, it will show a Futures inventory pool.

            You can also view the inventory by clicking on the list icon. This will show all the products and will show the available inventory based on your Sales Location and also will show Futures inventory if the product is setup as a Future product.

            Updated: 08 Jan 2019 07:42 AM
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