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            POS Hardware

            EMV Devices New!
            Ingenico iPP 320 
            Ingenico iSMP4 - Optional Universal Tablet Enclosure
            Ingenico iSC Touch 250

            For more information on our EMV devices click here. To purchase please contact

            Credit Card Swiper
            ID Tech UniMag II Credit Card Scanner
            Purchase Here» 

            Please Note: 
            This credit card swiper is only compatible when using the tuvi POS iPad app.
            To insure your credit card swiper works properly, once the truvi POS is installed, make sure the MIC is enabled for the truvi POS app in your iPad settings and that your iPad volume is turned all the way up.

            USB Card Swiper
            MagTek SureSwipe Credit Card Scanner
            Purchase Here» 

            Receipt Printer for Web POS
            If you are using the web version of the truvi POS application you are able to use/purchase any receipt printer.

            Receipt Printers for iPad POS
            Star Micronics TSP654IIW - 24 Grey (Part# 37966030)
            For a list of retailers to purchase please contact Star Micronics at 800-782-7636 ext. 986 (Sales Dept) or

            Please Note: If you are using both the web version of the truvi POS application AND the iPad app, we recommend purchasing the receipt printers above.

            Cash Drawer
            APG Vasario 1416 Cash Drawer
            Updated: 23 Apr 2019 05:30 AM
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