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            Pickup Settings

            To allow pickups on your website and for wine club memberships, follow the below instructions for managing your pickup settings.

            • Select Settings from the left menu
            • Scroll over Shipping/Pickup Settings
            • Select the Pickup Settings option
            • Click On/Off if you would like to allow pickup for your wine club membership and website store orders
            • Enter text into the Website Pickup Order Text field*
              Please Note: This text will display during checkout in the customer's cart and on the club sign-up page if applicable.

            • Enter text in the Order Confirmation Email Message field
            Please Note: This message is added to the order confirmation email when using the tag labeled 
            • Click Save

            Add Pickup Tag to the Order Confirmation Email
            • Select Marketing from the left menu
            • Select the Email Template option
            • Edit the email template named Order.Created and add the tag where the shipping information tags are currently setup.  This will display this pickup message rather than the shipping details when the order is marked as a pickup order.
            • Click Save

            *Below is an example of a pickup message that can be added. We embedded a google map with a directions link to the pickup location.

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