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            Order Shipped Email

            When an an order has been updated with a tracking number and ship date, the Order Shipped email will be sent to your customer. This can be customized with a variety of tokens to personalize and include the specific information for the order that you want your customers to receive. 

            Creating the Template

            To create a template for new order that have been create:

            • Select Marketing from the left side menu
            • Select the Email Templates option
            • Click the Add New Template button
            • On the new Email Template screen, you will want to select Order.shipped from the Key drop down. This will then populate the available tokens that you can add to the email which will merge in the actual values based on the customer's order details(see descriptions below). 
            • Once you have added your content (Name, Sender Email, Subject and Content), ensure the Status field is set to Enabled and click Create.

            Description of Tokens:

            user.nickname: Customer Nickname
            user.firstname:  First Name
            user.lastname: Last Name
            user.dob:  Date of Birth
            user.address1: Billing Address
            user.address2:  Line 2 of Billing Address
   Billing City
            user.state: Billing State
   Billing Phone Number
   Email Address
            shipping.nickname: Nickname on Shipping Address
            shipping.firstname: Shipping Address First Name
            shipping.lastname: Shipping Address Last Name
            shipping.dob: Shipping Address DOB
            shipping.address1: Shipping Address 
            shipping.address2: Line 2 of Shipping Address
   Shipping City
            shipping.state:  Shipping State
   Shipping Phone Number 
   Shipping Email Address
   Shipping Company
            order.sales_type: Offsite or Onsite
            order.order_type: Order type on order(Internet, InPerson, etc)
            order.purchase_date: Order Date
            order.ship_date: Order Ship Date
            order.status: Status on Order(payment received, quarantined, complete, cancelled, etc)
            order.order_id: Order Number
            order.Salestax_amount: Sales Tax 
            order.order_total: Order Total
            order.compliance_status: Compliance status of order
            shipment:tracking_number: Tracking Number
            order.orderDetail: Details of order(products purchased, quantities, price, discount, shipping rate, tax, total)

            Click on the attached PDF to see an example of how the tokens render in an email. 

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