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            Getting started with truvi

            Thank you for partnering with truvi, an all inclusive ecommerce platform developed specifically for the wine industry.  Our goal is to ensure your launch process is smooth so you feel confident and prepared for go-live.  

            At launch you will have access to 3 websites (url's).  We recommend saving these as bookmarks once you get them set up for easy access. 

            The first is truvi's online project management tool, powered by Zoho.  
            This tool helps you plan, collaborate and keeps you on track to complete tasks in a timely manner. 
            Look for an automated email from like the picture below.  This email includes a link to access your project plan.  The online project management tool can also be found here:

            Upon receiving the automated email from Zoho, select the yellow button "Join this Portal" right away or your access will expire within 24 hours and you will encounter a fun error like this one!

            The second site/url provides you with access to the truvi platform
            Here you will upload images to your website, add content, products, clubs, email communications, etc. The real fun begins!  The highlighted link below is a  demo site.  Your unique url and access to your site will be included in the first project task with instructions guiding you how to log in for the first time.  It also includes a video on how to change your password.   Remember to log in with the username you were set up with (rather than your email address) or you won't have the proper administrative privileges.  
            The url to access the truvi backend will look similar to the example below, where kbtdemo is replaced with your site name.



            The third and final site is truvi commerce's customer success portal
            Our portal contains knowledgebase articles which guide you through completing tasks referred to in the
            Zoho Project tool explained in #1 above. You will notice in each task that we reference articles with
            instructions to complete tasks for launch.   The link to the customer success portal is here

            Learn more about how to navigate your Zoho Project online:

            We've outlined in red in the image below important columns you will be using while logged into your online project. 

            Classic:  A view showing all tasks to be completed. Selecting the drop down "All open" allows you to choose closed tasks as well.
            Owner:  Used to assign an owner to a task within your company.
            Status:   The current status of a task, open, in progress, or closed. 
            Dates:    Start & End Dates you will send to your tasks.
            Feed:    A listing of all activities, tasks, updates, relating to your project.
            Users:   Add additional project users who should access this launch project.

            Update the status, priority or owner of a task or multiple tasks, select the checkbox on the far left and choose the update you would like to make.  

            Assign tasks to a user by clicking the drop down box near the arrow below and placing your cursor in the white space of the field in the box labeled "Assign this task to".  With your cursor in the box, a listing of users will be displayed for you to assign a task.

            Details within a task options: 

            When clicking on the task description, you are presented with options such as "updating the task to in progress", "Changing owners or dates" or adding comments.

            Comments will be sent to the onboarding team for assistance.  To comment, type @ and start typing the name of the person you wish to direct the comment to.  For example, type @karin and select the name from the drop down. This is an effective method to keep all questions relating to tasks together for reference vs. an email, which can be difficult to locate. 

            You may add subtasks to existing tasks if you wish and assign them to your team. You can also import documents within a task in the documents section.

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