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            Inventory Overview

            Inventory Overview and Settings

            There are two types of inventory tracking, Basic and Advanced Inventory Groups. 

            1. The advanced inventory group features are included in all packages except for the starter platform.

            2. Basic Inventory allows you to add a stock number to a sku and that number is adjusted with every transaction and return.

            Advanced Inventory creates Sales and Inventory locations that are depleted and updated as orders are being placed from certain sales locations or from certain order types, such as Ecommerce.

            To get started managing inventory with advanced inventory settings follow these steps

            Create Sales & Inventory Locations

            Settings\Inventory Settings\Sales & Inventory Locations

            Sales & Inventory Locations define where your inventory will be sold from.

            Sales & Inventory Locations are locations such as tasting rooms and fulfillment locations.


            Create Inventory Groups 

            Settings\Inventory Settings\Inventory Groups

            Inventory groups define where the stock is stored along with the sales & inventory location using that stock. For example, if you have inventory at your tasting room, and if an order is carried out from that tasting room, truvi will adjust the inventory for the inventory group associated with that Sales Location.

            Add an inventory group and then select the Sales & Inventory Location associated with that inventory group. When an order is placed using that sales & inventory location it will adjust the inventory appropriately for that inventory group.


            Default Inventory Groups

            Settings\Inventory Settings\Default Inventory Groups

            Default Inventory Groups define what inventory group will be used in the case of an ecommerce order, a product that is marked as a Future Product (Link to Future Product Details) and what inventory group to use in the case of a POS order that is a shipping order.


            Enable A SKU For Inventory Tracking

            Navigate to the sku you wish to track inventory on, edit the sku and enable the “track inventory” setting by clicking the Track Inventory checkbox.  It is optional to fill in the stock here for advanced inventory.  It does not relate to the advanced inventory groups and will not be adjusted.  The stock sku is only used for basic inventory.


            Set Inventory Number for a SKU

            After the sales location, groups and default inventory is set, navigate to each sku and add or edit the inventory pool option, listing the amount of stock on hand. 

            View the product and click on the Inventory Pools button on the sku.

            Click the checkbox on the Inventory Groups you want to enable with stock for this sku. Add the inventory number in the Stock field and click Save.

            Every time you adjust inventory using the inventory pools option, a log is created in the Inventory Change Log section in the Products Menu.



            Inventory Usage and Change Logs

            There are several inventory reports and logs that can be used to see how inventory has been adjusted.

            Inventory Change Log: This log includes an audit of all changes/adjustments made to inventory groups for your skus. This includes the original Inventory Assignment and then any adjustments you make and the Change Reason entered when saving

            the updated inventory numbers. You can search by Inventory Group, SKU and date ranges. This report is exportable to excel.


            Inventory Usage Log:  This log includes all adjustments made to inventory group numbers based on transactions/orders. You can search by order ID, Inventory Group, SKU and date ranges. This report is exportable to excel.


            Inventory Sold Report allows custom inventory reports to be created

            Inventory Report – Includes on hand inventory as of the present date

            Updated: 04 Aug 2019 01:44 AM
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