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            Import Tracking Numbers and Order Status

            If you do not have an integration with a fulfillment house or with Ship Compliant to send your order data to a fulfillment house, you can upload tracking information into the platform so that you can ensure you have tracking information and an option to email your customer that their order is on the way. 

            The import shipment tracking information steps below explain how to take your newly created shipment file and import it into the platform so that you can ensure your orders are updated with a status of shipped and a shipment email can be sent to your customer, if not already.

            Create the Shipment File (Step 1)
            • Download the attached tracking import file (see below). 
            • Copy your order numbers from the data provided by your shipping company into the "Order ID" column and copy the associated tracking numbers, in the "Tracking Number" column.
            • Save your file as a CSV file (comma separated value) 

            Upload the Shipment File (Step 2)
            • Select Orders from the left side menu
            • Select the Import Tracking # option
            • You can elect to send an 'Order Has Shipped' email to your customer so they know their shipment is on the way. Check Send Order.Shipped Email? to send the email.
            • Click Choose File 
            • Select the file you created in step #1 above from your computer files. 
            • Click Upload CSV
            • The system will display the results of the import once the import is complete

            For orders that successfully imported tracking numbers, the Fulfillment Status will be updated to Shipped and the Tracking Number will be added in the Shipment tab. 

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