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            During on-boarding you can import your sales order history to your customer records.  This will provide you with an accurate Life Time Value (LTV) for your customers.  Please be sure to do this as a last step after importing customers, getting your payment gateway set up and importing club members. 

            To import sales order history using a CSV file, please follow the steps below:
            • Select Orders from the left side menu
            • Select the Import Orders option OR use the link (You will need to update this link with your website URL)
              • Download the sample CSV file included as an attachment in this article
                Please Note: For the Status, Sales Type, Order Type, Shipping Status and Fulfillment House columns, the values that can be input in your file are as follows:

                • Status: Pending Payment, Payment Received, Quarantined, In-Fulfillment, On-Hold, Completed, Cancelled
                • Sales Type: Onsite, Offsite
                • Order Type: Internet, Phone, Email, Mail, Fax, InPerson, Club, Credit Memo, Trade, Telemarketing, Third Party Marketing, Corporate Order, Employee Order
                • Shipping Status: Not-Started, In-Progress, Partially Shipped, Ready for Pickup, Picked Up, Weather Hold, Compliance, Ready To Ship, Futures, Received, Cancelled, Completed, Shipping Packed, Pickup Packed
                • Fulfillment House: CopperPeakLogistics, Groskopf, InHouse, PackNShipDirect, WineShipping
                • Product Tax:  This is the tax dollar amount, not the tax percentage.  

            • Select CSV as your Import From option
            • Click Choose File to select your import file from your computer

            • For Order History Imports, the Override fields do not need to be populated.
            • Click Upload
            • On the next screen your order history will be summarized
            • Select the order you would like to import by click the checkbox in front of the order OR select all by checking the checkbox in the header

            • Click Import Selected
            • Your order history will be summarized and you will receive a list of the orders that were successfully imported.

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            Updated: 09 Aug 2019 04:27 AM
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