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            Import Customers

            Two options are available to add customers into your database in the truvi platform.  

            1.)  You can add customers one at a time or
            2.) Import them using the customer import function
            Note:  Prior to importing customers, you may want to set up customer groups first, if you have them.  Customer groups such as "Friends & Family" "VIPS" are also used to identify your customers.  

            Importing your Customer list

            Using the attached import file, copy and paste your customer data into this format exactly as it is laid out.  Reference the second sheet to review your data options.  This includes active mailing list subscribers, birth dates, address information, etc. The file is in an xls format to preserve the reference data but you must save it as a CSV file prior to importing. 
            • Select Customers from the left side menu
            • Select the Import Customers option 
            • Browse to select the updated file from your computer files
            • Select a Customer Group (if applicable) to add all customers to a specific group during the import. Click here to learn how to set up Customer Groups.
            • Click Upload CSV 
            • After importing a display will appear to confirm the number of records.  
            • QA your file, spot checking records to ensure all data information was captured as expected, customers are active and marketing notifications are set. 

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            Updated: 12 Jun 2019 07:37 AM
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