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            Why Did An Order Decline?

            You can view the logs for a payment of an order easily by following these steps.

            • Select Orders from the left side menu
            • Select the Manage Orders option
            • A list of orders will be view-able on the right side pane. 
            • Click on the Declined tab at the top of the displayed orders to filter to orders that have declined payments
            • Locate the order you wish to review and Click on the Order # to open the order
            • Click on the Payment Logs tab. 
            The Payment Logs will show you the response each time an order attempts to authorize a payment, settle a payment or issue a refund. It will also show you the response from the payment gateway and indicate what the potential decline issue may be.

            Some Common Decline Issues

            Decline: This is a general decline message.
            Refer to Issuer: This is a message indicating that the customer will need to contact their card issuer to identify the reason for the decline.
            CVV Not Valid: The CVV number provided did not match the card issuer.
            Address Does Not Match: The address provided for the card does not match the issuer.
            Incorrect Expiration Date: The expiration date does not match the card issuer.
            Bad Card Check Digit: The card number entered is incorrect. It does not match the credit card algorithm.

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