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            EMV Device Overview and FAQ

            Truvi offers the most secure EMV solution available. Rather than capturing and passing credit card information to the payment gateway, we pass order details to the devices, which then use Point-to-Point Encryption to pass sensitive information directly to the payment gateway. truvi, in turn, receives tokens and transaction IDs, which will then allow you to add cards to the customer record, process orders, or issue refunds and voids (including same day).

            Here's What You Need to Know

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            What is EMV?
            EMV, which involves chip compatible cards and Point-of-Sale terminals, is an acronym for “Europay, Mastercard, Visa”, the three companies responsible for creating the global payment card standard that has significantly enhanced security for physical debit and credit card transactions. Unlike magnetic stripes, the chips create a unique transaction code every time they’re used. 

            EMV and Fraud Reduction
            EMV has been widely used in Europe and in other parts of the world for years. When the UK first made the switch to EMV cards, fraud in stores was reduced by 80%. Similarly, after making the switch, Canada saw a reduction in debit card fraud of 72%.

            EMV in the US
            Following data breaches at Target, Home Depot, and other major retailers, all major credit card brands in the US instituted a shift in fraud liability in October of 2015. Any payment fraud is the responsibility of whichever party is using the lesser technology.  This means that merchants that have invested in EMV options are protected from financial liability for card-present fraud losses. 

            Raises the Bar
            At this point in time, nearly all major retailers have converted to chip technology and most consumers have received their EMV-compliant cards. Merchants still using swipe and sign technology will begin to appear outdated and insecure, causing customers to wonder how secure their transactions really are.

            What Happens if I Don’t Upgrade?
            Traditional mag stripe cards are easy to duplicate and lead to a lot of fraud. Retailers who don’t make the switch to EMV technology can be held liable for fraudulent transactions that are made on non-EMV card readers. Upgrading means you will be using the most secure payment technology.

            Am I Required to Support EMV?
            No retailer is legally obligated to change — it's a mandate, not a law. However, in addition to fraud liability, you may be putting yourself at risk in the future, as fraud will migrate to the weakest technology, even if you haven’t experienced high card present fraud in the past.

            What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
            You can now accept all of the latest methods of payment including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and chip-enabled credit and debit cards. You will also be able to swipe traditional mag stripe cards when needed.

            How Do I Connect?
            Pair your new EMV device with virtually any iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux-based device to convert it into a point of sale, and connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or wired.

            Mobile Operating Systems:
            • iOS: 4.x and above
            • Windows: Win7, Win8 (x86, x64)
            • Android: 2.3.3 and above
            • Linux
            How Do I use a Separate Merchant Account for the Point-of-Sale?
            truvi customers can elect to use one merchant ID for online sales and a separate merchant ID for in-person point-of-sale transactions if they choose. This has been a frequently requested feature which will allow customers to take advantage of better rates on card present Tasting Room orders. In order to enable this, you will need to request a Merchant ID from CardConnect and then they simply enter that MID in the Payment Gateway section of the truvi admin panel.

            Updated: 06 May 2019 06:39 AM
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