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            Custom Product and Category Layouts

            Using our customized layout tools, you can customize the layouts of your product details and also how the products are displayed on the product category pages. 

            You can customize the product views on the product category pages, the wine detail layout, the non-wine detail layout, and the bundle layout.

            Settings > Website/Design Settings > Custom Layouts

            Wine Layout: This is the markup for the way a wine product will be displayed.
            Non-Wine Layout: This is the markup for the way a non-wine product will be displayed.
            Bundle Layout: This is the markup for the way a bundled product will be displayed
            Store Layout: This is the markup for the way product markup will be displayed in product categories. 

            Customizing A Layout


            On each of the custom layout tabs, you can select a Layout that is in your truvi theme to apply to that page. So if you have a unique layout you want to be applied to the wine detail page, you can select that in the Template dropdown.

            WYSIWYG Editor

            In the WYSIWYG editor, you can add your markup and insert your tags to output the dynamic content. 


            Below the WYSIWYG editor, you can see a list of tags that are available for that layout. If you created custom Vintage Fields, those tags will also show on this list. 
            You will notice that on the Store Layout tags, there are Product Tags, Wine Product Tags and Bundle Tags. These are unique to each of those different product types. So when entering a tag that is available for multiple product types, you can simply list all the tags and it will output the correct content based on that product type. 


            You can enable these layouts by making them Active or Inactive
            Updated: 06 Mar 2019 02:44 AM
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