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            Creating and Processing a Club Shipment

            Here we will walk you through, step-by-step, how to create and process your club batch orders.

            Create a Shipment
            • Select Club from the left side menu
            • Select the Processing option
            • Click on the Add New Club Shipment button to create a new shipment
            • You will need to walk through each of the Steps/Tabs (Step 1: Setup Club Shipment; Step 2: Add Members & Customize Shipment; Step 3: Process Club Shipment & Create Orders) to complete the required fields. 

            Setup Club Shipment (Step 1)
            Here you will you will specify the parameters for your club shipment.
            Club Name (required): Select the Club that you will be processing orders for from the drop down menu.
            Club Option (required: This will populate with the available options for that club selected above. This is the group of club members that will be added to this shipment.
            Club Shipment Name (required): This field will automatically populate with the club name and option details. You can update/change this if you would like.
            Allow Front End Customization: Select Yes or No. If you want to allow your wine club members to make modifications to this shipment directly on your website, click Yes. If you select No, you can still make customizations in the shipment for your club members from the back end.
            Inventory Location: If you are using advanced inventory controls, you can select the inventory group that you want to use to decrement inventory for these orders.
            Estimated Shipping Date (required): This date is passed to Ship Compliant as a future ship date and also shows up in the Upcoming Shipments section for your wine club members in their My Account section on your website.
            Shipping: Select Do Not Charge Shipping or Customer Pays Shipping
            Shipping Types: If you selected 'Customer Pays Shipping' you will need to select the shipping methods to use in this shipment. Once selected, you can drag and drop them to resort the priorities. Meaning if you want Ground to be the priority shipping method, move it to the top of your list.
            Gift Note & Special Instructions: Gift Note and Special Instructions will be added to orders in this shipment. You can edit an individual order to change or remove these notes for that individual order.
            Products: Click Add Wine or Add Non Wine to add products to the shipment. In the popup, you can select the product, SKU, add a quantity and then add the price you want to charge your club member.
            Please Note - Your product drop down in the club processing setup will only be populated with wines that have the same Wine Type associated with the club option you are processing. For example, if your Club Option is setup for a Wine Type of 'Red Wines', the product drop down will only display wine products that have the 'Red Wine' Wine Type associated with them.
            • Click Next. At this point, your club batch is created.
            VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not set a club price, it will default to your normal retail price.

            Add Members & Customize Shipment (Step 2)
            Here you can administrate all members of this shipment.
            • Click on Add Members to add any Active and on-hold members to this shipment.
            Skip: You can skip a member. If you skip a member, they will not be processed in this shipment until you un-skip them.
            Customize: You can click on the customize link and update your club members shipment to add wines, change prices, switch from Shipping to Pickup, use a different shipping address or credit card, specify a shipping rate or method. Any customization made are just for this shipment and will not carry over to future shipments.
            Preview: You can preview the club members order by clicking on the preview icon. This will show you exactly what their order will look like before it is created allowing you to ensure your shipment is setup correctly. This will include any customizations you add.

            Process Club Shipment & Create Orders (Step 3)
            Once you have finalized your customizations, you are ready to process your shipment.

            • Press the Start Processing button to begin processing your club batch.
            At this point, the system will start processing and creating orders and attempting to settle payments. As they are being processed, the log will be updated to show you the status. You can navigate away from this screen at anytime. We will send an email once the processing is completed.

            If you want to stop the processing, you can do so by clicking Stop Processing on the processing tab of the shipment or by clicking the loading icon on the Processing page.

            As orders are successfully created and successfully charged, it will send either a Pickup Club Confirmation Email or a Shipping Club Confirmation Email based on the shipment preferences of the club member. You can control the content of this message in Email Templates.

            Declines: Decline emails are not sent automatically. Once your shipment is completed, you can click on the Email Declines button on the shipment list to send customers a declined email message. You can control the content of this message in Email Templates.
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