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            Creating a Bundle Sku

            There are three types of products you can create in truvi, Wine, Non Wine & Bundles.  The steps below take you through adding a bundle product, which is a 2 step configuration. 

            Below are the instructions to create a bundled product: 
            • Select Products from the left side menu
            • Select the Create option
            • Select Bundle as the Product Type
            • Complete the product name, teaser, etc.
            • Bundle Types can be chosen for Pick Pack or Prebuilt if they are assembled in advance
            • Enter the sku title, code, price and weight of the bundle
            • Enter the wine value in the bundle as well as the non wine value, if applicable
            • Upload images for your bundles for the store and the POS.
            • Select Create to move onto part 2 of your bundle set up 

            The first part of the bundle creation is complete and will be displayed similar to the example below

            Step 2 guides you through the sku association for the bundle being set up

            Choose Add wine or Add Non Wine to select the first sku in your bundle

            Below, for example,  is a wine sku as well as a non wine sku that has been added to the bundle

            Once you have added the skus to the bundle they will be displayed for your reviewing

            Test ordering your bundle both on the backend as well as the front end, as a customer to ensure products and sku information is displayed as you expected.
            Updated: 27 Aug 2019 01:28 AM
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