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            Customer Groups

            Customer Groups are a way to combine specific customers together to provide special benefits for them.  Examples of special benefits might be special pricing and discounts.  You can then offer exclusive areas and products to them.

            To set up a customer Group, follow the steps below.
            • Select Customer from the left side menu
            • Select the Groups option
            • Click on the Add New Customer Group button to create a new group
            • Enter information for the fields outlined below.
            • Click Create

            (required) - Choose a relevant Customer Group name.
            Status (required) - Select Active or Inactive. To add customers to a group the status will need to be set to 'Active'.
            Show on POS? - This setting allows you to make the group visible in the POS for your Sales Associates to assign customers to the group.
            Membership Type (required) - Select Lifetime, Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly.  Lifetime ensures the customer's group will never expire.  

            To add customers to a group in bulk, you can import them using the customer import option using the customer ID only, then choosing the group you wish to assign them to. 
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