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            Corporate Gifting Order Import

            The Corporate Gifting Order Import allows you to quickly add multiple orders and have them correctly calculate tax, shipping and order totals.

            • Select Orders from the left side menu
            • Select the Import Corporate Gifting option
            • Download the import template on the import page by clicking

            • Once you have added your gifting data to the import template, save the template as an .xlsx (excel file) and simply upload it to the import page and select your parameters for your orders.
            • Click Choose File under Select File and select the saved .xlsx file you created

            Import Order Options

            Order Type:
            The type of order you want these imported orders to be set to (i.e. Club, Internet, Phone, etc.).

            Payment Method: The type of Payment Method you want these orders to be listed as.
            Please Note: Selecting Credit Card will not process a payment for the order. Payment must be done on the individual orders after they are created or in the parent order.
            Source ID (Optional): This will add the selected Source to all imported orders.
            Sales Associate Optional): This will add the selected Sales Associate to all imported orders.
            Shipping Rate (Optional): This will over-ride the shipping rate and use this shipping rate for ALL orders. Please see Shipping Rate section below for details on how shipping rates options.
            Shipping Method: The type of Shipping Method you will want to apply to these orders.
            Sales Location (Optional): This will set the sales location for all orders.

            Import File

            Please make sure the corporate gifter is setup as a customer in truvi

            Email Address: 

            Assign all Orders to the Corporate Gifter. For the email address in the import file, you will want to include the email address of the corporate gifter meaning the email address of the customer record in truvi for the customer that is giving the gifts. This will ensure all these orders are under their customer account.

            Assign Orders to the Recipients
            Add the email address of all the recipients in the email field of the data template. Make sure these are setup as customers in truvi.

            Shipping Rates

            Please review the following for how shipping rates and methods are applied to the imported orders.
            • If a shipping method is selected on the import page and a shipping rate is not specified on the import page and a shipping rate is not included in the import document, it will calculate shipping rates just like normal.
            • If a shipping rate is entered on the import page, it will use this rate for ALL orders.
            • If shipping rates are provided on the import file, it will use that rate for the shipping rate of the order.
            Parent Order

            You will also see the ability to set a Customer For Parent Order. This will create an order that has the sum of all the orders into one. This can then be used to process a payment or issue a quote.

            There are three options when setting the Customer For Parent Order.
            1. You can choose to import all orders and then create a parent order that has sums of all the orders for subtotals, tax, shipping and order totals. This can be used to then process a payment.
            2. You can choose to simply create the parent order which will create an on-hold order that includes the sum of all the order totals, tax, shipping. This can be used to simply provide a quote.
            3. You can import all the orders and NOT create a parent order so just the corporate gift orders are imported.

            Credit Card payments are not added automatically. If you import the orders with the Payment Method of credit card and want to charge each individual order, you can do so by viewing the imported order, selecting Add Payment and choosing a card on file to process the payment.

            You can also apply a mass payment on the Parent Order if you want a single transaction/charge rather than individual charges for each order.

            If the orders are imported with the Payment Method of check, there is nothing additional needed.


            Orders that are imported are processed through normal fulfillment workflows. If you want to import orders but not ship them, you will need to make the proper arrangements.

            Email Notifications

            Please note that we do not send ANY order confirmations at this time when orders are imported via the Corporate Gifting Import..

            Updated: 09 Aug 2019 04:18 AM
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