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            Samples & Marketing Process

            We are often asked how to process sample orders provided for marketing purposes.  Wineries have followed the following steps:


            1. Create a Customer Group named "Samples". (Found in Customers > Groups). For more information on creating customer groups, click here. 
            2. Create a SAMPLES customer account. (As an option, you can create multiple Samples discounts to track the varying types of samples write offs - Tasting Samples, Damaged Samples, Marketing Samples, etc)
            3. Add Samples customer to the Customer Group on their customer record. 
            4. Create a Group Discount for 100% off. (Discounts are located in Marketing > Discounts.  For more information on creating discounts, click here). 

            Process for Processing Samples Orders 

            1. In Admin Panel or POS, create an order, adding the bottles that were used for samples. 
            2. Add your Samples Customer to the order 
            3. Select an order type = wine adjustment, instead of internet/email, etc.
            4. The Group Discount will apply 100% discount to the order.
            5. Complete the order as usual. 
            6. You can export all products ordered on the SAMPLES customer record to view all products included on this account
            7. When running order reports, you can choose to exclude orders under "Wine Adjustments" order type from the orders, or choose to report only on orders on Wine Adjustment order type to see how many bottles were written off.

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