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            Additional SKU for ShipCompliant Orders

            truvi clients using Ship Compliant, have the ability to specify a wine or non-wine item to be automatically added to all orders that are sent to Ship Compliant and it doesn't need to be on each individual order.

            To set up a product so its automatically added to orders, follow the steps below.

            • Select Compliance from the left side menu
            • Select the Additional SKU for SC option
            • Select the Add Wine or Add Non-Wine button at the top right
            • Select your Product from the product drop down menu
            • Select your SKU from the SKU drop down menu
            • Enter the Quantity of this product that should be added to orders
            • Price - This field will auto-populate with the retail price of your product. If you would like to adjust the price you may do so.
              Please note: This will not charge the customer this amount. It will be passed to Ship Compliant with this price for reporting purposes.
            • Click Add Product

            Updated: 15 Jan 2019 02:14 AM
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