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            Create a Wine Product

            There are three types of products you can create in truvi, Wine, Non Wine & Bundles.  The steps below take you through adding a wine product.
            Please Note: In the truvi platform you also have the ability to import products. 
            Click here to view instructions for importing products.

            Below are the instructions to create an individual wine product: 
            • Select Products from the left side menu
            • Select the Create option
            • Select Wine in the Product Type field

            • Populate the following fields as needed. Fields marked with * are required.
            Sales Channels: Select the sales channels where this product should be available, Web Store, Club and POS. If you want the product to be available on your website, select Web Store, for Wine Club shipments, add it to Club and for POS, select POS. 
            Name*:  Enter the name of your wine, such as Napa Valley Cabernet. Please note:  there is no need to include a vintage in the name as that will be included later.
            Product URL*:  The URL is automatically created based on the product name. 
            Status: Determines whether the product is active or inactive on the website. 
            Type:  Defines the type of product you are adding. i.e. Wine, Merchandise, Collateral, etc.  Instructions for additional types are here. 
            Start and End Date: Allows you to specify a date range in which this product is enabled. 
            Wine Category: Select the wine category this product is associated with.
            Varietals*: Select the varietal this wine is. If your varietal is not listed, click on Add Varietal link below the Varietals drop down menu. 
            Appellation*: Select the correct appellation for this wine from the drop down menu. If it is not listed, click on Add Appellation link below the Appellation drop down menu. 
            Wine Type*: Select the type of wine from the drop down. If your choice is not listed, click on Add Wine Type link below the Wine Type drop down menu. 
            Label*:  Add your label information  
            Product Brand:  This is optional.  Select the correct brand from the drop down menu. If it is not listed, click on Add Brand link below the drop down menu. 
            • Click the Create button to create the product. 
            Next you can create a Vintage for this wine. Instructions to add a vintage are here»

            Updated: 09 Aug 2019 07:52 AM
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