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            Website Page Banner

            Using the website banner tool allows you to control the banner images that show up on your homepage and inner website pages.

            Considerations: For the homepage, you can assign multiple banners and it will create an image slider that will rotate through the multiple images. For the inner pages, you can only have a single banner image associated with a page.

            • Select Website Content from the left side menu
            • Select the Page Banners option
            • Upload a new banner image by dragging and dropping an image into the box that reads Drop Files Here to Upload located at the bottom of the page.

            • Once the new image is uploaded, you can click the Pencil Edit Icon, then select the page(s) you want to add the image to.
            • or site. Click Save

            NOTE: You may also a verbiage in the Caption field (optional). This text will show over the banner image on your homepage. You can may also enter a website address in the URL field to automatically link the caption to a page on your website.

            Updated: 15 Jan 2019 02:21 AM
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