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            Non-Wine SKUs

            Non Wine Sku Setup is used for merchandise products or events. 

            Once a non-wine product has been created, you can add multiple SKUs within the product without having to re-create the basic product information. To create a SKU for a product follow the steps below once you are in the Non-Wine Product.
            • Click the Add SKU Button at the top right.
            • Populate the following fields as needed to create your SKU. Fields marked with * are required.
            Web Categories: Select the website categories you want this product to be added to. Leave blank if internal only.
            POS Categories: Select the POS categories you want this product to be added to. Leave blank if internal only
            SKU Title*: Enter the title of the SKU you are creating. This could be a t-shirt size, color of item, etc.
            SKU Code*: Enter your unique SKU code in this field. Please not there is a 20 character limit.
            UPC - Optional
            Model - Optional
            Price (USD)*: Add the price of this SKU in US dollars.
            Weight: Enter the weight in lbs of the SKU you are setting up. Please note: This is how shipping rates are calculated if you are using a weight based shipping strategy. If your item is not shipping, leave blank (i.e. gift certificates or events)
            Featured Product: If your site is using the Featured Products feature, you can select Yes and it will show up on your site where Featured Products are enabled.
            Set a Minimum or Maximum Purchase Amount: Enter a minimum or maximum purchase amount for your limited release wine if applicable.
            Out Of Stock Purchase: Enable this if you would like to allow this product to be purchased even if stock is at zero.
            Track Inventory: This will be shown if the Basic Inventory app is installed. This allows you to add an inventory number and as products are sold. You can also set a Sold Out message that allows you to specify what is shown when the product is sold out.
            Non-Discountable: Enabling this will keep all discounts from applying to this SKU.
            Tax Exempt: Enabling this will keep tax for all states from applying to this SKU.
            Cost of Goods: Enter the Cost of Goods for this SKU to track sales margins.
            No Shipping Charges: Enabling this will keep shipping from applying to this SKU.
            Handling Fee: If you would like to charge a handling fee when this SKU is purchase enter the handling dollar amount here.
            Bottled Product: Bottled products will be calculated in shipment packages along with wine bottles rather than as separate non-wine packages.
            Separate Shipment: Enable this if you would like to have this SKUs shipping rate calculated separately from other items in a customer's cart.
            Virtual Product: Enabling this will allow this SKU to be visible on your website. Please not it will also need to be associated with a website category.
            • Click Save to save the SKU.

            Updated: 25 Feb 2019 05:16 AM
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