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            Products Add/Update API

            This API can be used to enter wine products in the system.

            Parameters for this API

            • product_id (ID or Key required to update an SKU)
            • product_key (ID or Key required to update an SKU)
            • sku_code (required)
            • name (required for new product)
            • description (option for new product)
            • wine_category (Wine, Sparkling, Fortified)
            • wine_type (Red, White etc.)
            • Varietal
            • Appellation
            • label
            • vintage
            • alcohol_perc (percentage of alcohol in wine)
            • date_release (release date of vintage)
            • volume_amount (bottle volume amount)
            • volume_unit (bottle volume unit Liter/Milliliter)
            • no_of_bottles_in_case
            • price
            • stock

            Updated: 26 Aug 2019 03:37 AM
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