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            Add a Website Page

            By default, we load common pages into truvi when a new site is created. You can use these pages or delete them by clicking on the red trash can icon next to each page on the Manage Page section. 

            Website Page Management
            1. Click on Website Content from the main menu.
            2. Click on Pages. From here you can view, delete and add new pages. You can also sort the pages by just dragging and dropping in the order you want the pages to appear on your main menu. 

            Adding A New Page
            1. In the Pages section, click on the large green Add New Page button at the upper right portion of the page.
            2. Enter a Name for the page. This is the name that will show up in the menu, be the URL and also be the title of the page that is shown in the tab.
            3. Select A Parent Page if you want this to be a subpage of another page. For example:  if you want this new page to appear under About Us, select About Us in this dropdown.
            4. Enter your content you want in the page in the Content section.
            5. Click Save to save the page. 
            Please Note: By default, this will add the page to the main menu. If you do not want to add this page to the main menu, click on the Advanced tab and select No from the Show In Page Menu

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 07:14 AM
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